Goldwork is usually pricey, and I personally don’t like a lot of the goldwork designs I’ve seen. For me, they overfocus on the gold. I prefer goldwork pieces that incorporate gold as a part of the design. That said, I’d like to introduce two companies with some really gorgeous goldwork kits/patterns. (I’ve linked the photos to the kit descriptions online).

First, the Mary Jane Collection (UK company). I bought their lovely Chrysanthemum kit in a going-out-of-business sale several years ago from my favorite online needle store Kaleidostitch. (I miss you, Kaleidostitch!) The threads are rayon, and combined with the gold the results are elegant and glossy. I’m getting close to finished (just need to finish the stem and outline the petals in gold). The stem is giving me a bit of trouble, but I’m sure it’ll work out.

chrysanthemum in goldwork

This chrysanthemum was my first goldwork piece. Properly pulling the goldwork ends through the fabric without damaging the thread is a little bit of a pain,  but it’s coming out very well. They also have a fantastic set of crewel embroidery designs, which I will post about some other time.

The second company is Rajmahal (an Australian company). I have their Stargazer Lily kit (bought at a discount at some other shop, also no longer available there, so you’ll have to hunt down a shop yourself), but I’m saving it a little longer until I’ve practiced long-and-short stitch more. I think I might have to set it up on stretcher bars instead of a hoop too.  The design and silks are so fine that I want to be sure I can do it justice. This is the kit photo from their site (although it’s even better in person):

goldwork and silk lily kit

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4 Responses to Goldwork

  1. Rachel says:

    With long and short stitch, take your time and do some research. Most of the stitch diagrams I’ve seen give the wrong impression of how the stitch is worked, and I’ve spent years hating it because I didn’t achieve the result the photographs showed.

  2. Elmsley Rose says:

    This is your first piece? Wow! It’s just lovely! Congratulations!

    And thankyou for putting me/us onto such great companies.

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