Balinese legong dancer

I finished the Rowandean cat, so that means I can start another project. Technically, this is double-counting since I started the Bird Brocade crewel project on the basis that I was almost done with the cat, but whatever. This post is all about Bali. When I was a toddler, a legong dancer gave me one of her earrings. I still have it, and I still love these dancers. This design is based off an illustration in a children’s book I absolutely loved as a child (Ayu and the Perfect Moon) about a girl dancer in Bali.

The fabric is from a thrift store – it cost only a dollar. It’s perfect since she is supposed to be dancing under a full moon at night. I love fabric from thrift stores – the selection is random, but that makes things interesting.

This is the first time I’ve used tracing paper to transfer a design. I think next time I will be more careful with the running stitches – I had to undo a lot of them. I am especially proud of the feet and face, but I might have to leave those as outlines. I don’t know how to fill them in without losing the details like toes.

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