Bird Brocade II

So, I’ve been stitching up a storm in the last week. You can see the last report in the earlier post Bird Brocade. As a reminder, I am keeping the colors and designs from the kit, but inventing my own stitch directions. The photos are linked to larger versions if you want more detail.The rest of the piece is in floss, but the bird is in wool. The change in texture and gloss make it really stand out. Something to keep in mind for later works.

This bird is lovely, with a soft look, but the Paternayan wool is so fuzzy I can’t imagine fighting it for  stitches more complicated than long and short stitch.

I love this flower. It’s an example of what my mother told me: gold is a brown, not a yellow. If you want gold, go for tans and browns and combine them with some lighter and darker shades for the glow. These tan shades in the flower look very brown on the skein, but the purples and pinks bring out the yellow so they look golden (know your color wheel, people). I also learned that open chain/ladder stitch/square chain is a giant pain.

One stitch combination I thought up for this project is large masses of lazy daisy stitches (see the half-finished purple flower at the bottom). It looks like a pile of flower petals. Start at the top of the flower and work down, since the stitches need to overlap.

I haven’t quite decided how to finish the reddish leaves with backstitch outlining. The outer layer is theoretically two shades of green in long and short stitch, but I may change that.

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13 Responses to Bird Brocade II

  1. w says:

    I find that split stitch is about the only other stitch that also works well with fuzzy yarn.

  2. Rachel says:

    It depends on what effect you want, but you can also use fuzzy yarns for the basic trellis parts of trellis couching, for satin stitches (you get a nice puffy raised effect), and you could also use it in fly stitches to give the effect of feathers.

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  4. Linda A says:

    I love that bird – and the purple lazy daisy stitches on the flower.

  5. opal says:

    this project is truly inspiring! thanks so much for sharing it!

  6. sudha menon says:

    hi really very much interested in your work and great that i am able to see the newly updated news letter which gives me great inspiration. i am a great lover of embroidery …

  7. GrannySue says:

    My word what beautiful work you do. I came to this site through NeedlenThread and I am SO glad to find it. What inspriation. I learned about gold from you just now. No wonder I have such trouble picking colors. I am pretty much self-taught so I love all the ideas and knowledge I find on the “net”. Thank you for your wonderful site.

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  10. julia says:

    Hi Hannah,
    Your work is beautiful. I love your site. Thanks for sharing

  11. Rizan Turk says:

    Hi, have u done any more embroidery on the Bird Brocade? If so can u post pictures and name of stitches used. I found this kit and want to use your selection of stitches. Thanks

    Rizan T

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