Little mouse

OK, y’all, I totally started another new project. But at least it’s a small one! I wanted to work on one I could finish quickly. Isn’t this mouse just adorable? It’s a kit from Woodland Threads, which is a Canadian embroidery company that specializes in mouse designs. This is the April mouse design (they have one for every month plus lots of others). Why does Canada have so many wonderful design companies? Is it just too cold to do anything else? Anyway, the whole kit came out to $16 plus shipping. They do take Paypal, though that’s not obvious from the website. Here’s photos of my progress with buttonhole and long-and-short stitch on the flower:

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5 Responses to Little mouse

  1. GrannySue says:

    Too cute!

  2. Lovely. Is the thread color of the flower your choice or did it come along with the kit?

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