Gifts from Portugal: Castelo Branco embroidery

After my last post on Castelo Branco embroidery, Méri mailed me two Portuguese magazines about it, plus some gorgeous silks (so incredibly generous of her!). I’m so excited! I will definitely be trying it soon!

The first magazine is “Bordados Tradicionais:  Castelo Branco – 2” from the magazine Arte Ideias, Numero 5, Ano 1, Fevereiro 2008 (“Traditional Embroidery: Castelo Branco 2”, from the magazine Art Ideas, Number 5, Year 1, February 2008).  The magazine website is at Arte Ideias and previous editions (such as this one) can be requested here. It has a total of 9 gorgeous designs in it. There are limited instructions – this is not a step-by-step project book. The designs are great, and would look lovely in any type of embroidery style. I’m going to try to do it traditional Castelo Branco style, though – just have to pick a design. Maybe the little bird on the cover!

The other magazine is the same as she sent to Mary Corbet, and is described in her post already so do go look. The name is “Bordados de Castelo Branco,” from the magazine Belas Ideias, Edição Especial No. 1 (Embroidery of Castelo Branco, from the magazine Beautiful Ideas, Special Edition Number 1). The magazine’s website is at It’s bigger than the other, with a lot more designs and more indications for colors and stitches.

Really, I can’t recommend these magazines enough. They have so many great designs, and they have a lovely unique style.

Finally, the truly awesome Méri sent a pile of different colors of the most amazing silk.

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6 Responses to Gifts from Portugal: Castelo Branco embroidery

  1. meri says:

    I’m happy you like 🙂

  2. Monique says:

    Thank to both Hannah and Meri. I have the Castelo Branco embroidery magazine from Tutirev but will order the other. I suspect that my brother may order it for me in France and mail it to me later. They type of embroidery is so lovely.

    I embroider what we call in in New Mexico colcha stitch or Spanish Colonial Embroidery. the designs are very similar.
    Thanks again

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