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Lantern Plants: Finished

You can see this isn’t a very large piece – my hands are pretty small. The background is a special dyed silk. Here’s a photo of the whole frame: I had it framed at We Frame It in Houston, TX. … Continue reading

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Lantern Plants: All of them!

Dear Readers, I haven’t been posting but I have been embroidering! My Number One Fan (Grandma) is making dire threats about what will happen if I don’t start posting, so the blog is back. I have pre-written one post a … Continue reading

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Kingfisher Chinese Embroidery: Bird feathers

A quick update today: I started work on a kingfisher! Birds are a lot easier than I thought they would be. As long as the stitches are in generally the right direction, they look great.

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Manohra Thai Dance: Romanian Couching

Well, I did a few more french knots after all – see the edge of the green at the top of the skirt? I decided to work most of the skirt in Romanian couching. It’s directional, so you can give … Continue reading

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Manohra Thai Dance: Too Many French Knots

I love the texture for her body, but I am sick of french knots now! The dark blue and green french knots are Corticelli twisted silk – a present from the wonderful Monique. Thanks SO MUCH Monique! It’s really making … Continue reading

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Kingfisher Chinese Embroidery: Quick Update

I have been working on my Chinese silk embroidery kit (not really worked in Chinese style). I added a lot of leaves, and started work on the flower. The flower has bold shading instead of gently changing shades, which is … Continue reading

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Hand Dyed Silks

Y’all, I received a lovely, lovely present from Marta Brysha! When I am stressed about my dissertation I go look at these. She dyed these silks herself! Aren’t they gorgeous? You know what else is gorgeous? Her artwork!!! She dyes … Continue reading

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