Drawn thread experiments

I felt like experimenting, and decided to try out drawn thread work.

I worked this from top to bottom, getting increasingly fancy:

The first two rows were incredibly easy. I feel like adding hemstitching to everything now! The third one I accidentally cut some extra threads I shouldn’t have – need to be slightly more careful with the scissors. It turned out fairly well though. Then I was inspired to try a much larger drawn thread section:

This one turned out less well. Getting the tension right so everything is even and neat is trickier with larger areas. Not that I tried very hard. I cut another thread accidentally, snip snip.

In conclusion, the smaller borders are extraordinarily easy and look fantastic. I like them a lot! I’m glad I finally tried hemstitching.

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1 Response to Drawn thread experiments

  1. Rachel says:

    You need good, fine, sharp scissors to cut the threads for this technique. Hemstitch is a good, effective, neat edging – a very useful stitch!

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