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Water’s Edge: Working on the flower

I decided to restart work on the Water’s Edge kit, and finished several petals. The complicated part is figuring out which parts belong to which petal – it isn’t labeled well. I like all the different shades of orange and … Continue reading

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Bluebird Joy: Stitching away

Well, I am still working on Bluebird Joy. I began work on a new area. I’ve done a lot of outlining, plus started work on one of the medium sized flowers. Here you can see the layers for long-and-short stitch … Continue reading

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Bluebird In Progress

I started work on the first bluebird for the Bluebird Floral project. I’ve been referring to Trish Burr’s new book, Colour Confidence in Embroidery, to improve the feather/stitch directions. It’s helping a lot! Here are photos of my progress through … Continue reading

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Bluebird floral: Yet more leaves

Today is mostly a picture day. Four more leaves are done. Let me zoom out, so you can see the different leaves and the color effects in combination. Finally, here is a shot of all my progress so far:

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Branch for the Bluebird Floral

I’ve started work on a leafy branch. You can already see how the color variations in the leaves interact. Farther up the branch the leaves will be darker. My Portuguese stem stitch is really improving – that long section in … Continue reading

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Leaf Color Scheme Decision

Well, I thought over all y’all’s comments on my earlier post, Leaves for the Bluebird Floral. Here is the photo of the three sample leafs from before, just to remind you. I concluded that the lower leaf really was too … Continue reading

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Leaves for the Bluebird Floral

I’m still going strong on the project (the Bluebird Floral by Elsa Williams with modifications). I filled in the center of the peach flower with french knots. The other flowers are supposed to have dark green centers, but I’m still … Continue reading

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