Liebster Blog Award

Rachel tagged me with a blog award.

I am now supposed to name 5 fantastic embroidery blogs! (Rachel, at VirtuoSew Adventures, also has a lovely blog. She recently finished the Tudor and Stuart Goldwork Master Class from Thistle Threads, which is beautiful). It is very difficult to choose only five, but these are ones I like to read but haven’t mentioned much before. I hope y’all find something new and wonderful.

  1. Let’s Learn Embroidery is an Indian blog with some wonderful stitching. I liked her series on her Underwater Scene, especially the seahorse. I also hope she posts more photos of her beautiful peacock!
  2. Il Piacere del ricamo is an Italian blog with a lot of complex and gorgeous drawn thread work. Incredible technique.
  3. Suztats, because I am in love with watching her embroidered pebbles grow (see the final posts for Pebble 1 and Pebble 2).
  4. Wanda’s World (an American in Germany) for her gorgeous hardanger. Past works include the Yellow Project and the Spring Project).
  5. Baroque Embellishments (American) really has some beautiful photos. I especially like the Enchanted Shawl progress reports.
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5 Responses to Liebster Blog Award

  1. Anita says:

    Congratulations to all ! I’m happy for Ina ,she’s one of my first few friends in blog land.I’d written about aari because she’d asked me to show it.

  2. Hope you enjoyed making your choices…!

    • Hannah says:

      Agonizing! Fortunately, a lot of people already had the award, and a lot of my other favorites I’d already linked multiple times, so that helped.

  3. Ina says:

    Thanks, Hannah.This is indeed an honour.

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