Extraordinary Monograms

Well, I was browsing through the Antique Pattern Library (free, y’all!), checking to see if there were any new or previously-overlooked books, when I discovered this treasure!

the letter H

What a truly epic H! I will definitely have to embroider myself a monogram with this someday. You can find the rest of the alphabet, plus some fancy borders, in the free online book Sajou, Dessins de Broderies, Album 612.

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19 Responses to Extraordinary Monograms

  1. Maxine says:

    Beautiful letters, but there is the letter I and W are missing.

  2. It’s a wonderfully ornate “H” isn’t it!

  3. Sandy says:

    Good heavens. That is utterly outrageous – I LOVE it.

  4. Norma says:

    I love this entire site! I might have to get my needles and thread out and begin needlework again!

  5. MaryRuth Bishop says:

    Is there a place that I can find the alphabet? I would like to china paint the design on the top of boxes for my grand daughters. thank you Ruthie

  6. Jann says:

    love the alphabet and I would like to embroider our monogram. Any suggestions on colors combinations? Guess it would help to see one done. Thanks!!

    • Hannah says:

      Well, what colors do you like? If you wanted to experiment you could print several copies of the monogram then use colored pencils to create several combinations before picking your favorite.

      I have a general post about colors with a color wheel here: https://embroideryforducks.com/2011/03/21/brown-is-a-color/
      In general, if you want harmony then you pick colors that are closer together on the wheel. If you want contrast then pick them from opposite sides 🙂

  7. Moffeliten says:

    Where do I find the rest of the alphabet?

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