Needlework accessories wishlist

Today I have a wishlist of needlework accessories I’d like to see more often. There are lots of patterns for biscornus and needlecases and boxes and table runners. But I’d like to see more of these:

  1. I’d love to see more ebook reader cases, laptop sleeves, and ipad cases! We have so very many electronics these days, and they all need padding and cases. I am sure if Theresa de Dillmont had a Kindle it would have had an incredibly beautiful case.
  2. Coffee table books! A book would be a lovely way to display embroidery, and would allow for some great themed pattern sets. I don’t know about y’all, but I foresee running out of wall space for framed needlework before too much longer. If I combined multiple embroidered pieces into a lovely binder full of pages of embroidery, it would make a beautiful coffee table display book. It would also be great for gifts.

What would you add to this list? Got any suggestions for how to make a coffee table book with embroidered pages?

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18 Responses to Needlework accessories wishlist

  1. Emily says:

    The book is a great idea! I bet people who scrapbook would have some good ideas on how to keep the embroidery unsquished, because they are used to incorporating lots of different textures.
    I need to embroider more this year. I have no excuses, now that you have been so prolific in spite of surgery AND a PhD.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I also love the book idea! Perhaps in different sizes etc. Sounds like a million dollar idea. Go for it. Inwould buy several

  3. As nice as a coffe table idea is it wouldn’t work in my disaster of a house. I still like keeping them on the walls for display. I recently saw on YouTube someone posted a video of a display rack her husband made for her thread. Worked very much like the store displays for posters. I envision a rack for nice wooden frames mounted on the wall that can be flipped thru. But I have along way to go before I get to that point. Lol

  4. You could always go for my solution – I reckon I’ve at least four more years of work before I need to find wall space for “Dreams of Amarna”!

  5. Michael says:

    Another alternative to a coffee table book is to inset the embroiferies into the coffee table top and protect with a sheet of glass. I’ve also set them into the underlid of decorative boxes in exotic timbers.

  6. I may consider embroidering curtains, next time I want a big project . . . they’re supposed to be hung up anyway!
    Shade Tree Art did a fabric book for her tatting samples that may be what you’re looking for: (that’s in Aug of 2010, if the link doesn’t work)

  7. Cynthia Green says:

    There are a lot of patterns for ebook readers, smart phone covers, etc. However, I haven’t seen one yet that is sturdy enough. If I drop my “toy”, 2 layers of cloth and some batting is not going to protect it. Has anyone seen a pattern where they use something more sturdy?

  8. martabrysha says:

    Embroidered cushions are also lovely

  9. Jaan L of Tx says:

    Have you thought of using a binder with clear pages, a photo style or maybe an artist portfolio. You could customize the cover with embroidery. I do like the idea of getting or making some sort of display case like for newspapers or posters. Maybe something could be done with a carpet book or fabric book that showrooms have. My SIL is so crafty about figuring out stuff like this. I will ask her, she may have much better idea. I should do something like this also, have many peices that are just stored away not being seen by anyone. Yep, going to do this also. THANKS a milion.

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