Legong Dancer: Design questions


I am feeling rested enough to be creative. That means dithering over this dancer again!

The top edge of the wings is very pale green (I am not sure it shows in this picture. I will have to try again with better light). I want to finish outlining the wing with it. This is standing in for gold, and in person it looks good.

Below it are are scallops in variegated blue (in satin stitch), then scallops of variegated red-brown buttonhole stitch, then variegated red-purple in buttonhole stitch. I think I may like the buttonhole stitch better, so I am contemplating whether I need to take the satin stitch out and replace it with buttonhole. In the bottom purple row I worked the buttonhole in two different directions to see how it looks. Which way do y’all like better?

I am thinking about how to fill in between all these scallops with the pale green – rows of running stitch? herringbone? nothing? Something different? I am not sure I want to completely cover the background. She’s supposed to be dancing at night, and I think it is neat the way the dark shows through. It makes her part of the night. And the gold background design makes me think of stars and the moon. But the background pattern is very strong, so I do want my dancer to show up clearly. Think, think, think!

I am contemplating trellis stitch in purple on the skirt, with a different color to couch it down. I’m not sure I like the yellow herringbone at the bottom of the skirt – it may not fit in well. I’m considering switching it for another color….

Also, this was a really dreadful way to transfer the pattern. Maybe I’ll try the prick-and-pounce next time.

Opinions, everybody? The creative design process involves lots of dithering!

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8 Responses to Legong Dancer: Design questions

  1. theladypeach says:

    Sure looks involved but beautiful

  2. I find the running stitch method a useful one, although I agree it is something of a trial with detailed designs.

  3. Marie-Claire says:

    C’est la première fois que je vois cette broderie c’est magnifique bonne journee Marie-Claire

  4. kmcupcake says:

    omg! you are sooooo clever i could never do that in a million years! 🙂

  5. Elmsley Rose says:

    I’d love to offer some opinion, but I can’t find a finished sketch or pattern for the dancer – did a search and found your first and other entry. Can’t quite see what’s in your head……. 🙂

  6. Anita says:

    I use tissue paper and not tracing paper for this transfer technique because to tear the tissue paper is much easier without disturbing the running stitches.Can’t understand which part of the transfer technique is bothering you,is it running stitches through paper and fabric or tearing?

    • Hannah says:

      I think you are right that tissue paper would make it easier. I guess the other problem is that my stitching isn’t always solid enough to cover up the running stitches, and the colors don’t match what I’m using now, so I’m having to remove them as I go along.

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