Hilltop Farm: Plowed Fields


I am back at work on Hilltop Farm, from Rowandean! This very interesting curly yarn is couched down in furrows to create a plowed field, then bushes are worked in ridiculously fluffy variegated yarn. I still have to trim the fabric on the misty far-away hill, but the top half of the design is basically done!




The bottom of the design is already in progress. I feel like the finish line is in sight! There is still a lot of grass, fences, and sheep left, but I’m feeling motivated!   


This is an epic project! I can’t wait to frame it and stick it on my wall! Here is my hand to give you an idea of the scale:





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7 Responses to Hilltop Farm: Plowed Fields

  1. Julie says:

    OMG! This is such a huge project…I think my eyes just crossed! It is really beautiful. Love all the textures! Just amazing!!!

  2. Marie-Claire says:

    Wow this embroidery is so beautiful congreatulation Marie-Claire

  3. It is rather an epic – but a wonderful adventure, too!

  4. Ann McIntyre says:

    That’s it – you’ve convinced me. Just bought the medium sized Firestone Hill from Rowandean. Your work is so beautiful and inspiring (on all your stuff not just this!) – my husband would call you a bad influence! 🙂

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