Vietnamese Embroidery in Houston II



I am back with more photos of the Vietnamese embroidery that is now decorating my apartment! I thought I’d start with some close-ups of the tree, since I found the method interesting. The leaves are all in straight stitches – maybe even running stitch. There are several colors and it is beautifully shaded. The trunk is mostly worked in combined green and brown, with a few yellow areas where limbs were trimmed.




I’m not sure who these guys are but I love their beards. Wikipedia tells me that the groom and his party are supposed to bring gifts. I’m not sure if that’s what the boxes are about.


This fancy box has its own fancy little house. DSCF1710

And this box is huge! Take a look at this horse – he’s even shaded.


I think these are more gifts!


These guys have fancy leggings.DSCF1685

These two have individual fancy saddles.


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4 Responses to Vietnamese Embroidery in Houston II

  1. tanvel says:

    These are really beautiful.

  2. Patricia Jay says:

    Very beautiful embroidery, Thank you for sharing,,,

  3. Bet those horses are looking forward to their stable!

  4. Marie-Claire says:

    Beautiful embroidery i like it

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