Lantern Plants: Working Away!


Leaf Number 2 is started! All that’s left is couching veins on top of it. I also started leaf 3. The Japanese style has an interesting approach to blending. Below you can see the dark green and dark red are stitched right up to the line. They share needleholes, but there’s no long-and-short stitch overlapping. Then you take a tiny little blending thread (here I used yellow on one side and green on the other) and do little stitches over the line to blur the line.DSCF1911-001

Below is a closer look (also with some bonus larger yellow stitches in the green foundation). Up close, the tiny stitches over the line look peculiar. From a distance they break up the line so it looks like the green and red are overlapping.


I added a few green stitches to the red, then started couching the veins.


The current state of the project:


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9 Responses to Lantern Plants: Working Away!

  1. Intriguing – and such a light, crisp design style, isn’t it!

  2. Mary Corbet says:

    These are so pretty! Flat silk and satin stitch are always so beautiful together. I like the blending!

  3. Wao!!! All stitches are so beautiful. I will definitely try it.

  4. Diya says:

    What an interesting project. You make me want to learn more about this 🙂 Happy to have found your blog! 🙂

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