Lantern Plants: Finished


You can see this isn’t a very large piece – my hands are pretty small. The background is a special dyed silk. Here’s a photo of the whole frame:


I had it framed at We Frame It in Houston, TX. He did a lovely job. I think the matting and frame really work with the dyed silk background.


Next week: I started a new piece! It is a tiny pair of goldwork cranes designed by Midori Matsushima. In retrospect, I’m glad they were tiny because couching in circles is rather tedious. I know some people adore gold work but I start losing patience.


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3 Responses to Lantern Plants: Finished

  1. It can get rather fiddly, but just think how pleased with yourself you will be when you’ve finished it!

  2. Cath says:

    Lovely finish on the Lantern Plants – it’s a cute design. I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the goldwork cranes when you’re finished.

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