Dragon belly and swords


Progress report: I picked out gold silks for the belly instead of suggested candy-can striping. I think it’s a good compromise between not out-sparkling the horns while still standing out against the scales.


I worked up another patch of waves. I still need to overstitch with silver to make more foam.


And I finished the face! Next week: A view of the whole work so far.


On a totally different note, I recently did some watercolors based on images in medieval fencing instruction manuals. If anyone is looking for embroidery design ideas, there is a wonderful site called Wiktenauer (link to their list of books) dedicated to scanning, translating, and making these images available. So if you’d like a change from birds and flowers, there is a ton of interesting art to work with. After all, both embroidery and swords involve stabbing things.

For instance, this painting is based on images in the Wallerstein Codex:


And this one is from one of the books by Joachim Meyers:


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5 Responses to Dragon belly and swords

  1. Catherine says:

    I love the colours, and the gold complements the blues wonderfully. You stitching is so beautiful and even! I can’t wait to see the full picture next week.

  2. Oh, wouldn’t the fencers be fun! Although that said – the Dragon is looking very fine!

  3. Cath says:

    Beautiful stitching. Looking forward to see the full picture.

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