Dragon Scales: Part 4


Another dragon segment done! I took two photos to show how the light changes with different angles. These scales were stitched to the audiobook Banker, by Dick Francis. Anyone else a fan of Dick Francis? It sure makes stitching exciting. Who knew finance and moneylending could be that dramatic? Proof is also great fun – its main detective is a wine merchant. I sure needed some real entertainment to get through this many scales and spikes.


Sure is shiny! By the way, the couched white lines for the wind are all going to be stitched over in twisted blue silk to match the crystal ball. The line underneath helps keep the curve smooth and raise up the line to be more dramatic. Like a Dick Francis novel. Except without the horses. Anyway, here is an overall view so you can see what remains to be stitched. I’m really getting there!


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2 Responses to Dragon Scales: Part 4

  1. You are indeed getting there!
    There’s a Dick Francis in which the hero is an artist, as well. He must have done a lot of research…

  2. Inger says:

    Indeed you are! You skill is remarkeble. The dragon is absolutely beautiful!

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