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Brazilian embroidery

This is fun stuff – shiny (rayon) threads and 3D flowers. I’ve linked all the pictures to the kits available online. Here’s an example I stitched (it’s about 4 inches total): It’s a tiny kit from a site (JDR Brazilian … Continue reading

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Pillowcase edging

Here is a pillowcase edging from a stamped kit I received as a Christmas present last year: This doesn’t correspond exactly to the kit  – it sprouted while I was working on it. I’ve labeled the additional flora in the … Continue reading

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Stitch dictionaries!

I’m pretty excited – I discovered an amazing treasure: the Henry Art Gallery Stitch Identification Guide at This resource is maintained by the Henry Art Gallery at the University of Washington in Seattle, and was created through analyzing “the … Continue reading

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Candlewicking difficulties

So, I’ve been working on a sculptured stitchery and candlewicking kit Majestic Balloons designed by Roger W. Reinardy, and available from Janlynn. It’s called sculptured stitchery because the design is backstitched over cotton batting to create a 3D effect around … Continue reading

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Cross stitch

I won’t be discussing cross-stitch often, since I rapidly lose interest in making billions of identical little x’s. But, if you’d like some exotic cross-stitch designs, take a look at PINN Cross Stitch (it’s a Thai company). It’s still affordable … Continue reading

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A treatise on embroidery

I’d like to recommend an amazing book on needlepainting. It is completely free because it was published in 1907 and is therefore public domain: A treatise on embroidery; with twenty color illustrations from original models by Hemingway & Sons Silk … Continue reading

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the etymology of embroidery

(an update to the About page!) embroider: late 14th century, from the Anglo-French word enbrouder, from the prefix en- meaning “in” (see en- (1)) plus broisder “embroider,” from Frankish  *brozdon, from Proto-Germanic  word *bruzdajanan. Influenced by Old English brogden, past participle … Continue reading

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Bird Brocade

I recently started working on the Bird Brocade kit (crewel embroidery) by Elsa Williams from Janlynn. I like the design, but this kit has a whole lot of satin and long+short stitch, and I prefer a lot of different stitches. … Continue reading

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