More Hardanger Cards

I’ve been working on two more! Sometimes it’s really nice to have a small project that finishes quickly (These are from the Nordic Needle Hardanger Card Club). I love the colors. I need to pick borders for them. I am working through the series of posts on hems from Caro Rose Creations (so helpful!):

  1. Pulled work lacy hem
  2. Mitred corners (I’m not really following this one closely)
  3. Embroidered frame effect
  4. Embroidered flat hem
  5. Hemstitching with threads hidden
  6. Drawn thread border

What do y’all think about borders for these?

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14 Responses to More Hardanger Cards

  1. Sharon Brodeuse says:

    I really like the design and colors on this card (the others you’ve done, too, but this one in particular). You are really getting the hang of the Hardanger technique; your stitching looks great. Thank you for the link to Caro’s site – what a help this will be for me in the future for finishes on my small Hardanger projects.

    I like the Embroidered Frame finish – very “neat” looking and doesn’t look too complicated. I do like the Drawn Thread finish as well, but looks a little time consuming for a small card project.

    • Hannah says:

      The nice thing about a small project is that a really time consuming border still won’t take very long! Ha! Maybe once I get the hang of these borders with the hardanger cards I can start using them on bigger projects without it taking FOREVER. I have quite a few cards to go, so I think I will be able to try all of the different borders. So many choices!

  2. Little projects are very useful for travelling with, aren’t they!

    • Hannah says:

      Yes, I always get worried about losing parts of my big projects. It would be so heartbreaking! And these little hardanger cards fit anywhere.

  3. Anita says:

    Lovely cards! I love little projects.When we are in the middle of big projects sometimes we get stuck up,aren’t we?. I always feel that these cute little projects help us to unwind:).
    Are you using 25 count fabric for these cards?

  4. freestyle3 says:

    Your cards are lovely. I have never done hardanger work but I really like the way the multi-coloured threads work with it, and I have heaps of them.

    As far as a hem goes, I think I like #5 on your list – it’s subtle so it won’t compete too much with your beautiful embroidery. The embroidered ones would detract from your work I think. Anyway that’s my two cents worth.

  5. wendy says:

    They’re looking really pretty. thanks so much for the links!

  6. rasheeda says:

    Your two cards are sweet.I like them so much I like to use the flower with the stem on the doily I am stitching.The pattern calls for needle weaving ,but I want to keep it without snipping .I can see there are just seven rows in each petal but not sure.Will it be asking too much to ask you for the pattern,just the flower.Thankyou

  7. rasheeda says:

    Thankyou for showing the way.Yes it’s like the star motif only the top two rows are stitched in the center.I am sure I should be able to work it out.Another big Thankyou for the links.They are wonderful.

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