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Water’s Edge: Bird feathers

I decided to go back to work on this bird for the Water’s Edge Anchor embroidery kit. I’ve been working with 1 strand of thread for the bird (more threads for the rest of the piece). The bird looks extra-delicate … Continue reading

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Legong Dancer: Wing Outline

I started work on the dancer’s crown, which has decorative leaves around the ear and will be topped with flowers. There will be long black hair going down her back. I added chain stitch outlining to the right wing. There’s … Continue reading

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Chikankari class: Finished!

I finished it! Thank you, Anita, for the design and instructions. I’m delighted with the outcome of the project.┬áChikan embroidery is really interesting. I’m daydreaming of making a wide decorative belt with it now. I very much enjoyed working with … Continue reading

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Legong Dancer: Design questions

I am feeling rested enough to be creative. That means dithering over this dancer again! The top edge of the wings is very pale green (I am not sure it shows in this picture. I will have to try again … Continue reading

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Bird Brocade: Bird Feathers Finished

The bird has a tail!

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Bird Brocade Returns

I hadn’t worked on this project in over a year. I pulled it out this week and felt inspired, so here it is again! The bird is acquiring feathers rapidly.

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Chikankari class: Almost done

I’m almost done with Anita’s┬áchikan embroidery class! What a dramatic design! All that’s left is a little embroidery inside the paisley, under the heart. I’m still debating what color to use. What do you think? It’s also time to start … Continue reading

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