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Chikankari class: More progress

You can see the progress at the bottom and the top of the piece.¬†I won’t be adding new colors to the piece – I decided that reusing some of the colors will tie the piece together. I like the interplay … Continue reading

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May Mouse: Almost done

All done except the ribbons. I found them! It turns out that I left them in a sensible location so they wouldn’t get lost. Ha. So those will be the final step for stitching. I also need to iron it … Continue reading

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Chikankari class: Wave stitch

OK! Back to work on Anita’s¬†chikankari class! I learned wave stitch (in the center of the heart). I also finished the buttonhole leaves with running stitch filling. I think the trickiest part is hiding the tails. Since the fabric isn’t … Continue reading

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May Mouse: Tail

All that’s left is the belly and the ribbons for the Maypole. Unfortunately, the ribbons are missing – they somehow separated from the rest of the kit. I’ll be spending the evening searching for them. Where could they be?

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May Mouse: Fuzzy

Here is the May Mouse, from Woodland Threads. I’ve finished its head and am working on its back. Sure looks fuzzy! I think this little guy will be finished soon. Remember y’all, short stitches look fuzzier!  

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Water’s Edge: Working on the flower

I decided to restart work on the Water’s Edge kit, and finished several petals. The complicated part is figuring out which parts belong to which petal – it isn’t labeled well. I like all the different shades of orange and … Continue reading

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Rooster: More Feathers

I’ve been working away on the feathers. Maybe the upper layer of feathers could have a vertical pattern, as if they are drooping. I’m afraid the PhD dissertation takes priority, so I’ve got limited time for embroidery and posting.

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